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Affordable & Professional
Instrument Repairs

At Brodie Band Instruments, we believe your instrument has value. Consider repairing your instrument before purchasing a new one.  We offer affordable and professional repairs.
Not sure if your instrument can be repaired? Contact us about a free estimate.

Repair Services

Clean oil adjust (COA)

Disassembles instrument, removes old oil and grease, cleans and sanitizes instrument, replaces worn out felt and cork, oils, adjusts and regulates keys.

Heading #2
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone

Brass Cleaning

Cleans and sanitizes instrument, removes old oil and grease, replaces worn out felt and cork, fixes stuck tuning slides, oils and lubricates.

Heading #2
French Horn Single
French Horn Double

Fix stuck tuning slides

Starting at $10 (depending on how stuck it is). Frees stuck slide, clean and grease slide.

Dent work

Starting at $20. Free estimates given.


French Horn

Baritone Horn/Euphonium

Polish Service

Starting at $25.


Replaces all pads and cork, cleans, oils, and adjusts and regulates keys.

Alto Saxophone              $500

Tenor Saxophone           $600

Clarinet/Oboe                  $300

Flute                                   $300

Good Playing Condition Maintenance (GPC)

Cleans instrument, oils, adjusts and regulates keys, minor repairs, with minimal disassembly.

Alto Saxophone              $50

Tenor Saxophone           $65

Clarinet/Oboe                  $30

Flute                                   $30

* Additional labor charges may be applied to any service requiring complex repairs.

Have Questions?

Looking for more information about the instruments we offer or the services we provide? Contact us today for more information.